Liquid Waste Services

Professional liquid waste management services

Liquid waste can be hazardous to you and your employees’ health, and detrimental to the environment. That’s why you want to dispose of all your liquid waste in an environmentally-friendly manner that adheres to all waste disposal regulations and standards. As a premier provider of liquid waste services in the WA region we pride ourselves on the professional service we provide and on the excellent relationships we enjoy with our multiple clients. Contact us for all your liquid waste disposal requirements.

Waste management services
With our well maintained and modern fleet of trucks and vehicles we are able to provide tailored waste management packages to suit all business, government and domestic applications. Our wide range of services meets all waste management standards.

We pride ourselves on our experience and ability to fully understand the unique challenges associated with the provision of waste services in Western Australia. At WRR we are committed to providing the highest levels of customer service, occupational/environmental safety, and providing customer-focused results.

Enquire today and speak to one of our professional staff members. Tell us what your liquid waste requirements are and we’ll provide you with a practical and affordable solution.

Our services:


Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Grease traps can become a safety and hygienic concern if not properly maintained and cleaned. This is not a job that be done by just anyone. That’s why you should contact your local specialists to get the job done properly and efficiently.


Septic Tank Cleaning

Cleaning your septic tanks can be a hazardous and unpleasant job. Luckily at WRR we have a team of experienced professionals who will take care of cleaning your septic tanks and safely disposing of its contents according to local restrictions and standards.


Waste oil collection

There is a wide range of waste oil products that need to be collected and properly disposed of. With a modern fleet of trucks, we are able to remove your waste oil and dispose of it according to local requirements.


Chemical Waste Disposal

Chemical waste occurs in multiple industries, from manufacturing factories to mine sites and a variety of industries. This chemical waste cannot enter the main water disposal systems and must be properly collected and stored according to all environmental conditions. Contact us and rest easy knowing that all your chemical waste is properly taken care of.


Stormwater Drain Cleaning

Extreme weather can lead to serious consequences, especially for Australia’s’ drain systems. Keeping your stormwater drains well maintained and clean will help prevent flooding, and sludge and mud build-ups.


Technical Services

Western Resource Recovery technical services unit manages a wide range of chemically and environmentally challenging waste products. Our experienced and qualified staff provide our customers with peace of mind that those troublesome waste streams and environmental incidents are handled responsibly and safely.


Hazardous waste cleaning services

Many liquid waste run offs contain dangerous chemicals resulting in highly toxic liquids which cannot be allowed to enter the mainstream water disposal system. We provide a range of hazardous waste cleaning services, performed by accredited and experienced staff.