Stormwater Drain Cleaning


Expert commercial and residential stormwater drain cleaning in Western Australia

Extreme weather conditions in Australia means that floods can be devastating to your home or the surrounds unless your storm water drains are cleaned and well maintained. Western Resource Recovery specialises in a variety of waste management solutions including stormwater drain cleaning and maintenance. Don’t wait until it’s too late, get your stormwater drains assessed today.

Prevent blockages and overflowing
Storm water drains are a collection point for all household and business drain disposals. These points can fill up with sump oil, sludge and kitchen waste amongst a variety of items which could lead to blockages and overflowing. Our staff are highly qualified and equipped to pump drains and clean them, ensuring your stormwater drainage operates efficiently, making sure it takes your water runoff to the relevant sources to be recycled for future use.

Unblock your stormwater drains
We use a variety of methods to unblock your stormwater drains, which can easily become blocked with garden debris and general rubbish that gets into the system. By removing these items we will restore your stormwater system to optimal productivity, preventing any future problems. We don’t use any chemicals when cleaning your drains, instead we rely on a hydro-jet which uses high-pressure water to remove any dirt from your drainage system.

Assessment and quote
When you contact our friendly staff, we will send over a consultant to assess your stormwater drain situation. They will decide what needs to be done, whether it’s just a drain cleaning, replacing of pipes, or you need a stormwater pit which is compatible with your system. They will send you a complete quote detailing what is required and what it will cost, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Benefits of regular cleaning, servicing & maintaining your stormwater system

  • Prevents blocked toilets, showers, basins and drains
  • Prevents flooding in extreme weather
  • Ensures the longevity of your stormwater system
  • Prevents expensive repairs in the future


Serving Perth and the Western Australia
With five major depots situated around WA including Perth (Welshpool), Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Karratha and Bunbury, we are able to service the entire WA region, quickly and efficiently. We have the staff, the knowledge and experience, the trucks and the equipment to ensure a comprehensive and long lasting solution to all your stormwater needs.

Our staff are experts in waste management and treatment, and are on hand to assist all our clients, which includes government, councils, households and commercial businesses.

Don’t wait for winter- get your stormwater drains cleaned before the extreme weather starts.