Grease Trap Cleaning Services


Perth commercial & residential grease trap cleaning & maintenance services

Grease traps are dirty, smelly and pretty unpleasant to work with. However, if you neglect your grease trap cleaning duties they can become an environmental hazard and possibly dangerous. With more than 15 years in the industry, emptying and cleaning grease traps, we are well positioned to clear your traps, dispose of the contents in an environmentally aware manner, and ensure your traps are clean and good to go for the foreseeable future. Contact us for a quote to clean your grease traps.

Commercial and residential services
At Western Resource Recovery we clean out grease traps for domestic and commercial clients throughout Western Australia. Grease traps conveniently shortstop all fats and oils from entering the main disposal system, but these require emptying and maintenance to avoid a build-up and blockage. Our operational services division specializes in thorough grease trap cleaning and maintenance, and removing blockages in extreme cases.

Modern fleet of trucks
Many of our commercial clients request frequent collection and disposal of grease trap waste due to their industry requirements. Our fully equipped trucks pump the tanks which are then cleaned and the grease waste safely collected and transported to a fully licenced disposal facility. If any waste requires recycling it is treated according to recycling principles.

High safety standards
The clearance of a commercial or domestic grease trap is a delicate job that demands stringent safety standards. Our company emphasizes safety first and our team is fully certified to effectively remove and dispose of all grease trap waste.

Commercial grease trap cleaning
Whether you run a restaurant, a take away café, a catering business, or you are a food manufacturer, you are going to have a lot of build-up in those grease traps. As suppliers of commercial grease trap cleaning services, we will ensure your grease traps are regularly cleared and cleaned ensuring their efficient operation at all times.

Domestic grease trap cleaning
We also clean domestic grease traps, so contact us for the disposal of all your residential grease trap waste.

Contact us to get those grease traps cleaned and operating at 100% efficiency, and for all your grease trap maintenance requirements.