Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Perth commercial & residential grease trap cleaning & maintenance services Grease traps are dirty, smelly and pretty unpleasant to work with. However, if you neglect your grease trap cleaning duties they can become an environmental hazard and possibly dangerous. With more than 15 years in the industry, emptying and cleaning grease traps, we are well positioned to clear your traps, dispose of the co...
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Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic tank maintenance & cleaning in Perth Are there bad smells coming from your septic tank, drains or toilets? Has it been a while since you serviced your septic tanks, more than four years? Do your toilet and drains take a long time to empty? If you have answered yes to any one of these questions, it’s time to call your septic tank cleaning specialists. Western Resource Recovery (WRR) specialises...
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Waste oil collection

There is a wide range of waste oil products that need to be collected and properly disposed of. With a modern fleet of trucks, we are able to remove your waste oil and dispose of it according to local requirements.
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Chemical Waste Disposal

Hazardous chemical waste disposal services for businesses throughout WA When it comes to your chemical waste disposal, you want to deal with a company that has the experience, knowledge and credibility to ensure that all your hazardous chemical waste is properly disposed of. With more than 15 years in the industry, Western Resource Recovery is that company. We have established ourselves as one of the premi...
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Stormwater Drain Cleaning

Expert commercial and residential stormwater drain cleaning in Western Australia Extreme weather conditions in Australia means that floods can be devastating to your home or the surrounds unless your storm water drains are cleaned and well maintained. Western Resource Recovery specialises in a variety of waste management solutions including stormwater drain cleaning and maintenance. Don’t wait until it...
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Technical Services

Western Resource Recovery technical services unit manages a wide range of chemically and environmentally challenging waste products. Our experienced and qualified staff provide our customers with peace of mind that those troublesome waste streams and environmental incidents are handled responsibly and safely. Technical service works include: On & off site product repackaging On & off site s...
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Hazardous waste cleaning services

Many liquid waste run offs contain dangerous chemicals resulting in highly toxic liquids which cannot be allowed to enter the mainstream water disposal system. We provide a range of hazardous waste cleaning services, performed by accredited and experienced staff.
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